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A Peep Through 19th Century Assam: Evaluating Maniram Dewan – by Amalendu Guha

– Amalendu Guha [This blogger’s note: Written at the age of 24 just few months after the completion of his M.A, this is one of the first published article of … Continue reading

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[Remembering Eqbal and in Honour of Chomsky] When Borders Began to Dissolve within our Imaginations !

Bonojit Hussain November 5, 2001, University of Delhi. I feel incredibly, though nervously happy, Prof. Chomsky, Prof. Jean Dreze, Aruna Roy and Arundhati Roy, to be standing here addressing such a … Continue reading

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Dadri Beef Rumour and Lynching: Some Observations From a Visit to Bisara Village

New Delhi, 05/10/2015 Team members: Bonojit Hussain (New Socialist Initiative), Deepti Sharma (Saheli), Kiran Shaheen (writer and activist), Naveen Chander (New Socialist Initiative), Sanjay Kumar (People’s Alliance for Democracy and … Continue reading

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A Tribute and a Bibliography: Remembering People’s Historian Amalendu Guha (1924-2015)

– Bonojit Hussain and Mayur Chetia স্বৰ্গত ৰুচি নাই, যাওঁ মই ভাটিখানালৈ জুৱাৰী-মদপী-বেশ্যা-সিহঁতকো মেলত গোটাই মনৰ চিতাৰ ছাই উৰুৱাই গাওঁ আশাবৰী : আকাশত উৰা মাৰে জাকে জাকে ফিনিক্স চৰাই ! … Continue reading

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Nation’s Honour, ‘IBIs’ and the Dimapur Lynching

– Bonojit Hussain On 5th of March a mob of few thousands stormed the Dimapur central jail and after having dragged jail inmate Syed Sarif Uddin Khan, brutally lynched him … Continue reading

March 9, 2015 · 4 Comments

The Story of a Sound – Kim Chiha (1972)

(Translation by David McCann) For some time now, in the heart of Seoul they have heard the strangest sound. Some people quake like aspen leaves and sweat freezing streams at … Continue reading

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‘Kiss of Love’ in Delhi, Confronting the RSS

– Vasundhara Jairath and Bonojit Hussain (This brief report was written immediately after the protest on 8th November near the RSS office in Delhi. It was later published in Kafila. … Continue reading

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‘बांग्लादेशी घुसपैठिये’ या बांगलाभाषी भारतीय मुसलमान ?

– बोनोजित हुसेन (अनुवाद: योगेन्द्र दत्त) असम के बोडोलैंड टेरिटोरियल ऑटोनॉमस डिस्ट्रिक्ट्स (बी टी ए डी) में शांति की प्रक्रिया हमेशा ही नाज़ुक और अस्थिर रही है। इस बार यहाँ … Continue reading

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Isn’t ‘illegal Bangladeshi’ Racist Shorthand for All Bengali Speaking Muslims in Assam?

– Bonojit Hussain  A shorter version of this article was published in Calcutta edition of The Telegraph on 15th May, 2014.  The fragile and unstable peace in Bodoland Territorial Autonomous Districts (BTAD) … Continue reading

July 4, 2014 · 3 Comments

Burma: Lest we don’t see, a genocide is in the making

– Bonojit Hussain This article was first published in Aliran Monthly, Vol-13, No-5, 2013, Malaysia “We have to ask ourselves whether we may have over-romanticised its battles against the junta … Continue reading

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Remembering Laxmi Orang: The Predicament of the Gender Question in Assam

– Mayur Chetia and Bonojit Hussain This article was first published in Critique Magazine, Vol-2, No-2, 2013 The Delhi gangrape case has led to country-wide outrage, with young women and … Continue reading

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The Bodoland (Assam) and the Politics of Explanation

– Bonojit Hussain This is an expanded version of an article published in SEMINAR Magazine Vol. No-640, December, 2012. EVEN though tensions were apparently simmering for many months prior to … Continue reading

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Assam: Riots and the Bogey of Bangladeshis

– Bonojit Hussain This open-editorial was published in The Hindu, 8th August, 2012 Many Muslims from erstwhile East Bengal settled in Assam in early 20th century. But vested interests are … Continue reading

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Organizing Revolutionary Dissent: Glimpses into the Praxis of Korean Students’ Movement under Military Dictatorship

– Bonojit Hussain This article was first published in Critique Magazine, Vol-1, No-2, January 2011, New Delhi. Today Professor Kim is a well-respected progressive academic in one of the numerous … Continue reading

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Tulsi (Smriti Irani) Running Loose, Causing Havoc in Afghanistan

– Bonojit Hussain This is an English translation of a short piece originally written in Assamese for the daily Asomiya Pratidin of Assam. 25th September 2010. Badakhshan province comprises the … Continue reading

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