Ximanto Atikromi ! Kookyeong-eul Neomeo!

Musings on Migration, Labour, Politics, Dissent etc.


The title of this blog uses two similar phrases from two very different languages. Ximanto Otikromi is in Assamese and Kookyeong-eul Neomeo is in Korean. Literally both these phrases mean transgressing or crossing the border, but it can also mean transcending the border.

Bonojit Hussain is an independent researcher, and an activist associated with New Socialist Initiative (NSI). Since late 1990’s he has been associated with various movements working on issues related to informal sector workers’ rights, university  democratization, communalism, racism etc.

He was a Research Professor at SungKongHoe University, Seoul. Concurrently, he was also a Program Officer at the Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives (ARENA), Seoul. Currently, he is an Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives (ARENA) fellow. He also works as principle researcher – India for Consortium of Asian Index (CADI), a long term collaborative project of SungKongHoe University, Korea, University of The Philippines-Diliman, Universiti Malaysia-Sarawak and University of Indonesia.


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