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English Translation of the Fatwa against Nahid Afreen that never was a Fatwa

– Bonojit Hussain

This translation was first published in raiot.in on March 17, 2017

Translation of now infamous non-fatwa (pamphlet) against singer Nahid Afreen of Assam about which half the country is going crazy especially Delhi media. So much so that the pamphlet doesn’t even mention or point towards Nahid Afreen, it is just a coincidence that Nahid is one of the star attractions of the planned musical evening to be held on 25th March at Udali Sonai Bibi College in Hojai-Lanka region of central Assam. The non-fatwa is regressive and condemnable, no doubt about it. But it is also hilariously polite. Also, it tries to be emotional; it tries to be emotional by invoking hardships, hunger, drought etc. from the yonder years of migration (perhaps 80-100 years ago). By the end of it, it is all about some conservative oldies complaining about the newer generations of Hojai-Lanka region who are transgressing regressive ideas.

Also now there are reasonable doubts if the 46 signatories actually exist. If these doubts turn out to be true, it can perhaps safely be assumed that it was ploy executed by vested interests to divert attention from the Silapathar violence which has kept Assam on the boil for past two weeks, and Assam police’s inability to arrest the alleged mastermind behind the violence Dr. Subodh Biswas despite repeated assurances by the Chief Minister.

A Special Appeal to Fellow Muslims

Assalaamu ‘Alaikum,

Fellow followers of Islam, with great amount of sadness and anxiety we would like to put forth before you that, even though our forefathers in search of a habitat made a region like Udali, drought affected and surrounded by dense forest, livable; but due to shortest of water they were not able to perform agricultural chores in time. As a result, 95% of the people along with their families had to starve for long spells. To search for and to fetch drinking water our mothers and sisters had to traverse long distances. There are even examples of people from outside Udali region arranging drinking water for us. But today, in Udali, those kinds of hardship and concerns can exist only in flights of fancy. The main reasons for this are that our guardians kept their faith in Allah while they fought against deprivation in its all manifestations, gradually built philanthropic institutions, invited various community elders, prayed and made others pray to Allah that our region becomes habitable and prosperous.

Especially ‘friends of God’ (Allah’s Walī) of the stature like that of Banskandir Huzor, Madani Saheb, Mahadish Saheb often put their foot in our region. As a result of which today our Udali region is not behind in any aspect compared to any other developed region in Assam.

It is a matter of grave concern that for quite sometimes now, it has been evident that large numbers of our brothers and nephews have been indulging in anti-Shariat activities. With a great amount of sadness, we are forced to bring this in front of the public through this appeal letter. We would like to mention that magic show, dance – music, drama, theatre etc., in reality, are anti-Shariat activities.

fatwa pamphlet-1

That is why after seeing all these; it is a crime on our part to remain silent. It is worth mentioning that despite having expressed our disagreements and advice, last year a magic show was organised in the playground of Udali Sonai Bibi College which resulted in a grave anti-Sharia influence. We thought these kinds of activities will not take place anymore in the future. But it is a matter of regret that this year, going a step further from activities like a magic show, an anti-Shariat activity like a musical night is being organised in the same venue.

In this matter, if we the learned ones (Alim and Ulama) and the responsible elders of the society don’t try to impede or if we don’t protect our sons and daughters from these, in foreseeable future none of us will be spared from the wrath of Allah. It is especially worth noticing that the venue is surrounded by Masjid, Madrassa, Khanqah, Markaz, Kabaristan, Idgah; and if in the midst of all these places a deplorable anti-Sharia disaster like a musical night occurs then Allah’s fury will be upon our future generations. There is no doubt that as a result of all these anti-Shariat activities unthinkably hard times will dawn upon us.

Hence we humbly request fellow Muslims that they protect themselves and try to protect others as well from these kinds of anti-Shariat activities. This is our humble request in front of you.

A Plea,



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