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[Few Interviews] Korea in an Era of Multiculturalism

Korea Broadcasting Service (KBS), World Radio Service, August 2009:

IMG_20140702_012845Mr. Charm Lee, a German-born naturalized citizen of Korea was appointed as the new head of Korea National Tourism Organization in the later half of 2009.  This was considered to be a new breakthrough for Korea, as it was believed that the country was entering into the new era of cultural and ethnic diversity.

With Mr. Charm Lee’s appointment as an immediate context, Dr. Byoung-Joo Kim on his show “Current Affairs in Focus” discusses issues related to immigration, state policies and questions around multiculturalism with Prof. Andrew Eungi Kim of Korea University and Bonojit Hussain of SungKongHoe University.

To watch the discussion click on this link and then click on the video titled “Korea in an Era of Multiculturalism” on the left side of the screen.

Traffic Broadcasting Service (TBS), FM Radio, July 2009:

Henry Shin on his show “This Morning” discusses issues related to expats and migrants workers with Dr. Byoung-Joo Kim (in studio) and Bonojit Hussain (over the phone):

To listen to the discussion on youtube click here

Traffic Broadcasting Service (TBS), FM Radio, July 2011:

After Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik announced South Korea as his model of ‘mono-cultural’ ethos, Henry Shin on TBS Primetime show discusses how Korea has fared in its multicultural policies with Bonojit Hussain who joins over the phone from Assam, India:

To listen to the discussion on youtube click here



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